The free demonstrations will be given on Wednesday the 7th of June 2017. These will include:

Demonstration A: Introduction to modern spectrophotometric tools with Agilent Technologies.

Demonstration B: Introduction to high-resolution optical and stylus profilers for surface metrology with Bruker and Systems For Research.


Demonstration A: Introduction to modern spectrophotometric tools with Agilent Technologies

As part of the 8th Symposium on Functional Coatings and Surface Engineering, Agilent Technologies would like to invite you to a free product training on Wednesday June 7th from 9AM to noon.  This training will focus on modern spectrophotometric tools.  Allowing you to expand your test & measurement proficiency by gaining insights and skills with the latest Agilent Cary devices.  The training will be provided by our team of advanced application scientists who have been helping scientists within academia and organizations in developing a better understanding of their own materials.  The training will include a series of topics including modern practice of spectrophotometry in production, advanced spectrophotogoniometry, scattering as well as case studies on the innovative Cary 7000 UMS spectrophotometers.  During the hands-on session, participants will be able to develop the basic skill sets for multi-angle absolute measurements, cube Beam Splitter, and other advanced Experiments with the Cary 7000 UMS.  A free breakfast and lunch will be provided for registered participants. 

To register or for any questions, please reach out to Gael Prosser at

Demonstration B: Introduction to high-resolution optical and stylus profilers for surface metrology with Bruker and Systems For Research.

Surface metrology plays a critical role in understanding nano/micro-scale functional behavior for various applications in semiconductors, micro-electronics, biomedical and precision machining. Systems For Research, in collaboration with Bruker Nano Surfaces, would like to invite you to an informative and interactive session in the afternoon on Wednesday June 7. The session will include seminars on 3D surface metrology based on non-contact white light interferometers and stylus profilers – their fundamentals and applications, followed by hands-on demonstration on Bruker’s latest ContourGT and DektakXT instruments. We will discuss and demonstrate how Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes – based on white light interferometry (WLI) – make it possible to characterize surface features with Å-scale vertical resolution. In this session, we will also show how this method can be used for measurements of transparent thin and thick films. Besides the optical method, we will see that for certain applications a contact-probe method is preferred and how Bruker’s Dektak stylus profiler – that brings with it a long history of innovation – enables fast measurement of height variation on a surface with sub-nm precision. Some of the key applications will be demonstrated during the hands-on sessions.

Please visit System For Research in the exhibit section or send an email to to register for the demonstration.