Invited speakers

Here is the preliminary list of invited speakers and their topics for FCSE-2021

Gregory Abadias Conductive transition metal nitrides, a fascinating class of thin film materials: insights into crystal growth, elastic and optical properties
Andre Anders The quest for understanding and optimizing plasma-based deposition
Antonín Fejfar New role of thin films in advanced photovoltaics
Grzegorz (Greg) Greczynski Paradigm shift in magnetron sputtering: from gas-ion to metal-ion-controlled irradiation of the growing film
Colin Hall Regenerative, robust, and decorative thin films on plastics
Jyh-Wei Lee Optimization of transition metal nitride, boronitride and oxynitride coatings grown by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering using plasma monitoring and diagnostic techniques
Michel Lequime Metamaterials and metasurfaces: Interrogations, challenges and opportunities
David McKenzie Managing energy flows in tall glass cities by built-in next generation photovoltaics
Frédéric Schuster High performance coating technologies for extreme environments and low carbon energies
Luc Stafford Surface engineering of cellulose nanomaterials for packaging and energy applications
Chris H. Stoessel Surface functionalization with layer-by-layer self-assembly: A versatile coating technology achieves industrial scale
Michael Stueber Advances in Al- Cr- and Zr-based PVD oxide thin films for wear applications in harsh environments
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