Poster Presentations

During the conference, June 14-17, you'll be able to access PDFs of the posters along with any short videos associated with the poster. Here's a listing of the poster presentations.

Poster Session I: Process and Coating Performance
P1-1 Design of oil-repellent textile finishes using non-fluorinated surface chemistriesSadaf Shabanian - UBC
P1-2 Optical characterization of light scattering protective coatings Francis Blanchard - Polytechnique Montréal
P1-3 Machine learning guided image segmentation for the characterization of porosity in protective coatingsFrancis Blanchard - Polytechnique Montréal
P1-4 Influence of substrate and applied bias on the residual stress distribution and mechanical properties of TiAlN coatings deposited by cathodic arcLuis Varela - Polytechnique Montréal
P1-5 High power impulse magnetron sputtering of TiO2 on flexible substratesDaniel Fernandes - Uppsala University
P1-6 A phase-field damage model for crack nucleation and propagation under nano-indentation testingHela Gmati - Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montreal
P1-7 Reaction mechanisms in the ion beam assisted chemical vapor deposition processArtem Shelemin - Polytechnique Montreal
P1-8 Magnetron Sputtered Si‒B‒C‒N Films for High-temperature Oxidation Protection of γ-based TiAl AlloysVeronika Simova - Polytechnique Montreal
P1-9 Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering of Hard TiAlN CoatingsVeronika Simova - Polytechnique Montreal
P1-10 Cu metallization of Al2O3 ceramic by cooled- and hot-target magnetron depositionAndrey Kaziev - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
P1-11 Diagnostics and tribological testing of magnetron sputtered MoS2 coatingsMaksim Kharkov - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
P1-12 Magnetron sputtering with a hot niobium targetKseniia Leonova - ChIPS, University of Mons
P1-13 Effect of residual stress on tribological performance of TiAlN coatings produced by cathodic arc depositionAleksandar Miletic - Polytechnique Montreal
P1-14 Cohesion parameters of boron nitride nanotubesCristina Sofia Torres Castillo - Polytechnique Montreal
P1-15 Effects of the HiPIMS pulse length and target power density on deposition processes of the W and WOx filmsNikita Sergeev - National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Poster Session II: Film Nanostructures - Optical and Functional properties
P2-1 Antireflective Coatings containing Corrosion-Resistant Thin Silver LayersPhillip Rumsby - Polytechnique Montréal
P2-2 Role of the thin coating in the durability of icephobic thin-on-thick coating systemsStephen Brown - Polytechnique Montreal
P2-3 Fabrication of Tin Oxide-Antimony (ATO) thin Films by Sol-Gel/Spin-CoatingRicardo Alberto Bustamante Santana - Instituto Politécnico Nacional
P2-4 Thermal Evolution of Nanoparticle Thin Films Characterized by X-ray Scattering MethodsTereza Kosutova - Charles University
P2-5 Optical and Electrical properties of Functionalized ITO Coatings for use in Thermochromic DevicesAdil DRIOUACH - Moncton University
P2-6 Film thickness dependent electrical properties of thermochromic VO2Adil DRIOUACH - Moncton University
P2-7 Metamaterials as Antireflection Coatings for Solar Cells ApplicationsHeber Hernandez Flores - BUAP
P2-8 Synthesis and Characterization of Cd1-XZnXS Thin Films Deposited by Laser Ablation TechniqueCésar Vázquez Morales - Instituto Politécnico Nacional-ESIQIE
P2-9 Bimodal functionalized nanoparticles selective to cell receptor densitySuzanne Giasson - Université de Montréal
P2-10 Enhanced Swelling Using Photothermal Responsive Surface-Immobilized MicrogelsCharly Ou - Department of Chemistry, University of Montréal
P2-11 Improving the LIGO Mirrors for Gravitational Wave Detection: Ternary AlloysÉmile Lalande - UdeM
P2-12 VO2 Nanoribbon-based Thin Film with Upgraded Color and Solar Performance for Smart WindowsGrégory Savorianakis - UMONS
P2-13 Gloss control of wood flooring by phase separation mechanismIngrid Calvez - Université Laval
P2-14 High-toughness ZrO2 optical coatings deposited by low duty cycle pulsed DC magnetron sputtering Jincheng Qian - Polytechnique Montreal