P2-6 Film thickness dependent electrical properties of thermochromic VO2
FCSE Session Type
Poster Session II: Film Nanostructures - Optical and Functional properties

Adil Driouach, P.V. Ashrit

Thin Films and Photonics Research Group (GCMP), Université de Moncton, Canada

Vanadium dioxide (VO2) thin films are well known for their thermochromic properties, i.e. temperature dependent reversible optical switching properties. These films show a first order reversible change in optical properties around the transition temperature of 68oC which is accompanied by an equally drastic reversible change in their electrical properties. Most work thus far is focused on the optical switching properties with very little work devoted to thickness dependence of electrical properties. Here we have studied the film thickness dependence of the electrical properties of sputter deposited VO2 thin films below and above the transition temperature. The size dependent behavior is examined in the light of existing theories. Various parameters related to the electrical behavior of VO2 films above and below the transition temperature are calculated. An in-depth understanding of these parameters is expected to contribute to a better designing of VO2 based thermochromic devices.