Full Name
Luc Stafford
Job Title
Full professor
Université de Montréal
Speaker Bio
Luc Stafford is a full professor in the Département de Physique of the Université de Montréal. Since June 2016, he holds the Canada Research Chair on the Physics of Highly Reactive Plasmas (PPHARE, Physique des Plasmas Hautement Réactifs). The driving motivation of this research program is related to the crucial needs for advancing the macro and microscopic levels of understanding of the physical and chemical phenomena involved in non-equilibrium plasma processing of materials as required for optimizing the characteristics of functional thin films and low-dimensional materials for a given technological application. In this context, important research efforts have been devoted to the development of advanced non-equilibrium plasma sources as well as innovative plasma and surface diagnostic tools to monitor the number density and energy distribution of charged and reactive neutral species as well as the reaction kinetics driving their interactions with plasma-exposed materials. Some of his contributions include, for example, the development and use of trace-rare-gases optical emission spectroscopy to examine resonance effects and wave-particle interactions in low-pressure microwave plasmas as well as the development and use of optical emission spectroscopy combined with collisional-radiative modeling to examine electron energy dissipation in dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs) and microwave plasmas at atmospheric pressure in presence of reactive species relevant for materials processing. Novel applications have also been explored, including the value maximization of wooden materials using DBDs at atmospheric pressure, the plasma-assisted modification and functionalization of graphene films using the flowing afterglow of microwave plasmas at reduced pressure, the deposition of antifog coatings using either Townsend DBDs or microwave plasma jets, the development of superhydrophobic and icephobic coatings using atmospheric-pressure plasma jets, and the development of water-soluble, bio-based electrodes modified by plasma for stable aqueous Li-ion batteries.
Luc Stafford